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Naultinus stellatus
Nelson Green Gecko

Description & Distribution:

This green gecko species is quite variable in pattern and colour, and most amateur herpetologists separate them into three sub-species according to their local population area. Hence we have Maitai Valley, Nelson Lakes, and Sandy Bay stellatus. These sub-species should be kept in separate caging in a captive situation.

Ecology & Habitat:

All stellatus are active during the day, living in areas of scrub or relatively open bush. They feed mainly on insects with moths being a favourite food item. Young (usually twins) are born in the autumn or early winter, and like most of the South Island green geckos, are born dark green with white markings, but change to their adult colouration at 18 months to two years of age.

Sandy Bay male
Photos: Ray Downing

Female N. stellatus
Photo:David Wilkinson
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