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Welcome to NZHS website

The New Zealand Herpetological Society Incorporated
was formed in 1969

The objectives of the society are:

  • To promote awareness & interest in amphibians and reptiles and their conservation.
  • To encourage the study of New Zealand's own species.
  • To encourage the captive keeping and breeding of New Zealand herpetofauna.
  • To supply information and support to members holding such exotic reptiles and amphibians as may be legally kept in New Zealand.

The Society endeavors to cater for all levels of interest in herpetology, from the school pupil who finds that lizards and frogs make interesting pets, to the person engaged in serious scientific study or captive breeding programmes. The majority of members keep and breed native geckos and skinks in captivity, or are engaged in the field study of these animals. Other members have an interest in keeping exotic species such as tortoises, terrapins, frogs and axolotls.

New Zealand's reptiles and amphibians are unique in many ways. A high proportion are endangered. There is a need for a strong body of people dedicated to ensuring the continued survival of this important but little known group of animals. Specialist groups have a vital role to play in providing the data required to complement the activities of the larger conservation organizations.

How to join the NZHS

To become a member of the NZHS click the below links to open either the online form, or a hard copy. Complete the form, submit it and send payment to the specified address.

See an example of the the Society publication, the newsletter "Moko", which you will receive three times a year. 

Complete the NZHS online Membership Form here.

Download a membership form to print and post, click here.

View the NZHS Constitution

Download the NZHS Constitution here

Books to buy


Please pay directly to our bank account: (TSB Bank) New Zealand account number 153948 0312862 00. In the banking details section please enter your name and "sale".

Or make cheques payable to: NZ Herpetological Society Inc., P.O. Box 3138, Fitzroy, New Plymouth 4341, New Zealand.


Keeping Australian Dragons Successfully in New Zealand
by Chris Burne: $15.00 (members $13.00)

Keeping Axolotls
by T.J. Thornton: $13.00 (members $11.00)

Colour cover, whether you keep axolotls in the classroom, laboratory or at home this book will help keepers provide the basic conditions essential for success. 

Keeping Fire-bellied Newts: A Guide to the Maintenance and Breeding of Fire-bellied Newts
by T.J. Thornton: $13.00 (members $11.00)

Keeping Frogs in N.Z.
by T.J. Thornton: $12.50 (members $11.00)

A great guide for beginners and experts for successfully keeping frogs. 

Keeping Red-Eared Turtles in N.Z.
by T.J. Thornton: $13.00 (members $11.00)

Written for N.Z. and includes a section on trouble-shooting problems. 

Photographic Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of New Zealand

by Tony Jewell and Rod Morris: $24.90 (members $22.00)

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