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Naultinus rudis (Fischer, 1882)
Rough Gecko


The dark green body colouring with white transverse markings at intervals along the sides makes this lizard very distinctive. Males can sometimes be grey, brown or white with little or no green. The anterior part of the head is covered with very large scales, some of which are granular and some are broad and domed. Large scales can also be found on the back, sides and legs. The biggest scales are on the snout and along the line between the nostril and the eye. The mouth lining is dark blue with a green-yellow tongue. This arboreal gecko does not have wide toes. Individuals of the species grow to a relatively large size, with an overall length of up to 175mm (SVL 72mm).


These Geckos can be found in isolated areas of inland Marlborough and North Canterbury.


Generally diurnal but can also be active at night. The young (usually two) are born between March and April.


Naultinus rudis are found most frequently in manuka/kanuka and in forest and scrub area.


Photo: David Wilkinson
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