Oligosoma robinsoni

Herpetofaunal category
Wells & Wellington, 1985
Crenulate skink on hand
Image attribution
Nick Harker
Previous scientific names
Oligosoma infrapunctatum
Common names
Crenulate skink



A medium sized New Zealand skink reaching up to 90mm SVL. Crenulate skinks are distinctively patterned and named for their lateral stripes which are either flecked or crenulated at the margins.

Life expectancy



Waikato, Bay of Plenty and central North Island

Ecology and habitat

Crenulate skinks are diurnal and strongly heliothermic. They occur in a range of habitats from dune systems and pebble beaches on the coast, to open forest, scrub or pasture at inland sites.

Social structure


Breeding biology



The diet of crenulate skinks includes a wide range of invertebrates, and the berries / fruit of native species.



Conservation strategy

Crenulate skinks are currently present on two pest-free island refuges - Mokoia Island in lake Rotorua and Moutohora/Whale Island off the Whakatane Coast. They are currently in decline on the mainland where they are exposed to the full suite of introduced predators.

Interesting notes

Crenulate skinks are part of the speckled skink cryptic species complex - a group of related species with similar morphology that were previously regarded as one highly variable species (Oligosoma infrapunctatum). 


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