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Nick Harker, Tim Harker, Samuel Purdie, Joel Knight, Chris Wedding, Dylan van Winkel, Tony Jewell, Carey Knox, Marieke Lettink, Euan Brooke, Ben Weatherley, Crispin Middleton, Edin Whitehead, James Reardon, Oscar Thomas, Ben Goodwin, Neil Fitzgerald, Jake Osborne, Paddy Ryan, Jennifer Gollin, Mike Lusk, Jonathan Davies, Kyle Bland, Jo Monks, Marc Choromanski, Tom Heather, Aalbert Rebergen, Tom Miles, Craig Stonyer, Sara Smerdon, Phil Melgren, Roger Waddell, Rheanne Sullivan, Mark Neilson, Mark Hansen, Lorna Doogan, Christopher Caine and Reino Grundling for allowing us to use their photographs in the species synopses.


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Nick Harker, Tim Harker, Samuel Purdie, Joel Knight, Shelley Fischer, Seth Fischer, Chris Wedding, Doug Ashby, Dylan van Winkel, Dennis Keall, Tony Jewell, Carey Knox, Euan Brooke and Reino Grundling.


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