Mining proposal for Dennitson Plateau

Submitted by shelley.fischer on Sat, 10/03/2012 - 10:58

Conservationists conduct a bioblitz to find out what wildlife is living on Denniston Plateau

TVNZ 20:20 news 4th March 2012 - background to the video.

Video of the Forest and Bird bioblitz

See the work done by Manu the dog to find lizards.

Reptile life on the plateau - the West Coast Green Gecko is unique to this area

Visit Bathurst Resources Ltd. for company information about the project

The official biological survey commissioned for the Resource Consent process showed a wiide range of organisms on the plateau, including the lizards :West Coast Green Gecko (conservation status = At Risk) and Forest Geckos (status = not threatened). The introduced Whistling Frog was found to be relatively common throughout the Mount William North mining area.