Book the UV meter now for spring summer

Submitted by shelley.fischer on Thu, 17/07/2014 - 18:07

The Solarmeter 6.5 UV Index meter has arrived and is now available for lending to NZHS members.

UV meters are used widely by herp communities around the world as a tool for acurately measuring natural light and UV spectrums, both in the field and in captive situations. The meters have allowed keepers to monitor light conditions in their enclosures and ensure that the conditions are suitable and closely replicate the natural light conditions required by each species. ;The Solarmeter 6.5 UV Index meter provides an accurate index of the pre-vitamin D3 to D3 action spectrum. What this means is that the meter provides an accurate index reading of the amount of UV your lizards require in order to effeciently synthesise D3 (D3 is an essential vitamin for the absorption of calcium, and therefore, essential in the growth and health of a reptile).

- The UV meter is available to NZHS members for a small hireage fee for a 2 week/ fortnight period. $10.00 (+ $15 postage and packaging)

You can book to UV meter by contacting Manuela Barry: Payment must be made in advance of the meter being posted. Payment can be made via online banking, cash, or cheque.

You will receive the meter via a tracked courier parcel that will require a signature on receipt. A return Courier envelope will be inculded in the parcel. Also included will be a form with a disclaimer, outlining your responsibilities as the current holder of the meter. This form will need to be signed and promptly returned to Manuela Barry (via email or to the return address; see below). At the completion of the 2 week period, the meter must be returned via tracked Courier to Manuela Barry at the following address:

M. Barry
Massey University
Building 5
Gate 4
Old Albany Highway

Information on natural UV levels and the UV requirements of our lizards in New Zealand is currently limited. It is likely that each species will require a different level of UV to remain healthy. Therefore, by collecting and sharing information on your UV readings with other members of the NZHS, we can start to progress towards developing optimal enclosure designs and conditions to ensure that our captive lizards receive the highest welfare standards.

The NZHS hopes that the meter will offer opportunities for: members to experiment with enclosure designs and material use; evaluating products for enclosures (reviews and recommendations could be shared on the NZHS website); field research (e.g. student members) - possibly capture the light measurements when animals are encountered in the wild - information could be useful for members for cage design and placement, if for example we know certain species require high/low light intensities.

For more information about the meter visit