NZHS member Dennis Keall helps unveil 'Predator free by 2050'

Submitted by shelley.fischer on Thu, 04/08/2016 - 15:44

One of our most experienced members Dennis Keall helps put a living face to conservation efforts at 'Predator Free by 2050' announcement at Zealandia!

Dennis was asked by DOC to bring some of his lizards for the Prime Minister's announcement of the 'Predator Free by 2050' project which was held at Zealandia on the 25th of July. The aim was to put a 'living face' to the species we are trying to save. Dennis took three big lizards: a Duvaucel's gecko along with Otago & Robust Skinks. He also took five smaller lizards: Grand & Whitaker Skinks (both in Recovery Programmes), three green geckos, a Punctatus (in the Recovery Programme through Zealandia), a Grayii and a Stellatus. Dennis joined the Zealandia staff (who had Tuatara on display) to show off his lizards. Maggie Barry was photographed with the splendid Otago skink while Stephen Joyce took a shine to the old Duvaucel and carried him around while mixing and mingling.

Well done Dennis in raising awareness about our native herpetofauna at a high profile event!