This disease is caused by the bacteria, Salmonella, of which there are many different strains. The disease is highly infectious and can be zoonotic (transferred to humans).  For this reason, you should handle lizards in your care only when necessary and always wash your hands afterwards (as you would after handling raw chicken!).

Symptoms: Salmonella has been recorded from New Zealand geckos and skinks with and without signs of lethargy, depression, wasting, anorexia, vomiting, abortion and sudden death.

Risks: Risk of Salmonellosis is highest when an animal is stressed or in close confinement with other individuals that may carry Salmonella. Stress can result from placing a new animal into an enclosure with other individuals, enclosures that haven’t been cleaned or sanitised, or in enclosures that are overstocked (too many individuals). Consider that stress can be caused by holding solitary species together, such as Naultinus geckos, or territorial individuals, particularly males of many species.