NZHS - New Zealand Herpetological Society

The New Zealand Herpetological Society Incorporated (NZHS) was created in 1969 by members of the public with a shared interest in NZ and exotic herpetofauna. The objectives of the society are:

  • To promote awareness and interest in amphibians and reptiles and their conservation;
  • To encourage the study of New Zealand's own species;
  • To encourage the captive keeping and breeding of New Zealand herpetofauna;
  • To supply information and support to members holding such exotic reptiles and amphibians as may be legally kept in New Zealand.

The Society endeavors to cater for all levels of interest in herpetology, from the school pupil who finds that lizards and frogs make interesting pets, to the person engaged in serious scientific study or captive breeding programmes. The majority of members keep and breed native geckos and skinks in captivity, or are engaged in the field study of these animals. Other members have an interest in keeping exotic species such as tortoises, terrapins, frogs and axolotls.