Forest and Pacific geckos

Forest and Pacific geckos

Forest geckos (Mokopirirakau spp.) and Pacific geckos (Dactylocnemis spp.) are similar in habitat use, but differ in their activity pattern and habits. Both species are nocturnal, but forest geckos often emerge during the day to bask and forage.

Both species are relatively hardy in captivity, and have similar requirements for their care. Care should be taken to make sure these species have a good network of branches to reach all parts of the enclosure, and plenty of refuge sites in the form of hollow bamboo, polythene pipe, or stacks of bark / wooden boards with spaces in-between.

Species within each of these genera are closely related and there is a high risk of hybridisation. For this reason species from the same genus should not be housed in the same enclosure.

These species can be held on general authorisations (entry level permits).


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