Mokopirirakau 'Roys Peak'

Herpetofaunal category
Common names
Orange-spotted gecko
Roys Peak gecko
Mokopirirakau 'Roys Peak'
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Dorsal surface grey to brown or dark pinkish brown. Bands, blotches, chevrons and stripes are drab or bright, and often overlaid with orange or yellow spots or blotches, especially around the neck. Individuals recorded to undergo dramatic colour change in minutes. Mouth and tongue bright orange. Eyes usually grey brown, however, some individuals have bright sky blue eyes. Orange spotted gecko reach SVL (snout-vent-lengths) of 70-95mm.

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Life expectancy

Estimates for captive animals of the Mokopirirakau complex range from 20-30 years (D. Keall, personal communication, September 21, 2016).


Central Otago, recorded from Roys peak.

Ecology and habitat

Orange-spotted gecko can be found in the alpine zone among rocky outcrops and boulder fields.

Social structure

Mokopirirakau species are generally solitary. Vocalisation among Mokopirirakau can be described as chirrups or shrill squeals when stressed.

Breeding biology

Orange-spotted gecko reproduce biennially, giving birth to one or two live offspring in October/November.


Largely unknown, likely to be similar to other Mokopirirakau species (invertebrates, fruit and nectar).


Largely unknown.


DOC classify the species as 'nationally vulnerable'.


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